Comic art by Wittek

Wittek was born in 1964 in Dinslaken, Germany. His father was a technical draftsman who drew cartoons in his spare time, which impressed Wittek a lot. When his father forbid him and his brothers to read comics, Wittek started drawing his own. He was trained as a printmaker with an ad agency in late 1980s. It was by then that he assumed the pen name Wittek, while also signing his comics and cartoons TW and TEWE. In 1991, he settled in Hamburg as a freelance illustrator.

While studying illustration in Hamburg, he became a co-editor of the comic magazine Unangenehm (Unpleasant). He also participated in several of his school's projects, such as a relay comic that was exhibited in Café Ohm. In 1999, he created the comic magazine, Bizarr Bazar together with Unangenehm colleagues Teer, Calle Claus, Björn Kuhnke and Loppe. Wittek produced autobiographical comics for this magazine, as well as the mini-series 'Inferno Karneval' and 'Operation Dedorf'.

comic art by Wittek (1995)

He also ventured into self-publishing through Edition Rostfrass in the 1990s and created photocopied comic books like 'Comiczeichner sind…', 'Heutelein', 'Schmocka', 'Hunde', 'Chwouhl' and 'Boiler'. His 'Boiler' comics were created in 1997 with Loppe and set in a world of scrap metal, tools and machinery. He got a job with the Ully-Arndt-Studios as advertising artist and assistant animator in 1998. He also ghosted for Ully Arndt on the weeky 'Mecki' comic for the TV magazine Hörzu in 2000 and 2001.

He drew the comics 'Livebrain' and 'Spry' from scripts by Olli Ferreira for the children's magazine Bravo during the same period. Wittek published his comic adaptation of Goethe's 'Faust' in Minden Tageblatt between December 2003 and February 2004, and was publisher of the anuual comic anthology Panik Elektro from 2003 to 2008.

Grober Unfug, Berlin

Wittek was chairman of the Initiative Comic Kunst e.V. from 2000 until early 2006. He was in the organization of the annual indie comic festival Heftich in Hambrug. He responded to the growing German manga scene with the 'Tokyo Punk' anthologies, that contained manga stories by German underground artists. He started the comic serial 'Dr. Hirnhardts kleines Genlabor', a co-production with Sven Taucke, for Spiegel Online in 2006.

In 2004, he founded comics studio Alligator Farm, together with Karl Nagel, the former chancellor candidate of the Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany. Through this studios, Wittke participated in an APPD campaign spot (that was banned after the first broadcast), and on comic stories for the horror comic magazine Elbschock and the Hamburg-based superhero project 'Alphatier'. Wittke also serves as a teacher and mentor for a new generation of comic artists, with whom he and Nagel launched the controversial 'Perry Rhodan' parody 'Perry - Unser Mann im All'.

comic art by Wittek

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