Manusje van Alles, by Woeloem
'Manusje Van Alles'. 

Wim Hessels, who signed with Woeloem, was born in Wormer. He studied at the Hendrik de Keyserschool in Amsterdam, and published his first work in 1946. He is known for his comics for little children, and was a frequent contributor to Okki magazine in the 1960s and 1970s. He made comics like 'Stoffertje Zuig' (1967-1968), 'Manusje van Alles' (1968-1970), 'Boerensloot' (1970-1972) and 'Spatje' (1977-1978). For the monthly Dierenbescherming, he made 'Muisje Nisje' in 1977-78. He was also present in Taptoe with 'Pas op voor Vopium' (1976).

In the 1970s and 1980s, Hessels made illustrations for children's books, and for action prints and the weekly liturgies of the Kritische Gemeente IJmond, a critical religious congregation in Beverwijk. His artwork also appeared in the Roman Catholic liturgy booklets 'Bron van Christelijke Geest' by publisher Gooi en Sticht. Hessels lived in Westzaan and passed away from Alzheimer's Disease on 15 August 1998.

Okki cover by Woeloem
Cover illustration for Okki. 

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