Alex de Wolf is an Amsterdam-based painter and illustrator of children's books. He has worked with such renowned writers as Carry Slee, Paul van Loon, Jacques Vriens and Arend van Dam, and was also the author of a comic strip called 'Mops and family' (1997-2009) for the American magazine Ladybug. 

Early life and career
De Wolf was raised in Amstelveen. He got his artistic interests through his father, who was an architect and art lover. He became an avid comic book collector, and for a school project, he even interviewed Hergé in Brussels, Belgium. The young man was a regular customer of Kees Kousemaker's comics shop Lambiek in Amsterdam, and he even contributed a cover illustration to two of the store's Lambiek Bulletin newspapers (#8 of 1977 and #6 of 1978). Around the same period, De Wolf edited his own comics fanzine called Rhythm Pictures, which also featured an interview with Jan van Haasteren. He also contributed to the Har van Fulpen's underground comics magazine Speedo (1979).

A young Alex de Wolf made these two cover illustrations for Lambiek's Bulletin magazine in 1977 and 1978.

De Wolf attended the Free Academy of Visual Art in The Hague, and then the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, where Carl Hollander, Thé Tjong-Khing and Waldemar Post were among his teachers.

Children's book illustrations
He graduated in 1982, and initially began working through a studio with fellow illustrators. He has worked for a great many children's and picture book publishers, such as Altiora, Christofoor, Van Holkema & Warendorf, Ploegsma and Zwijsen. He has illustrated Jaap ter Haar's series 'Eelke' (1988) and 'Lotje' (2009), and worked with writer Arend van Dam on the educational children's book 'In een land hier ver vandaan...' (2008) and the 'Lang geleden' series (2007). He furthermore illustrated works by Carry Slee ('Het Drakepad' in 1990, 'Ridder Schijtebroek' in 1994), Simone van der Vlugt ('Potverdrie, Sophie' in 1999 and 'Bastiaan komt eraan' in 2001), Jacques Vriens ('Ik wil als vriend' in 2001, 'Allebei even lief' in 2010), Ditte Merle ('Het boerenbeestenboek' in 1999 and 'Wild verliefd' in 2009) and Paul van Loon ('Help, een gobbelgobbelmonster', 2005). After visiting the book fair in Bologna, Italy, he can also count several foreign publishers among his clients, such as Nord Sud Verlag, Loewes Verlag and Editions Pastel. Foreign writers for whom he has made illustrations are Felicity Everett ('The Clumsy Crocodile', 1994), Colette Helling ('Armelle, la toute belle', 1994) and Dick King Smith ('A mouse called Wolf', 1997). Books with his illustrations have also been translated into Korean, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Cover illustration for Arend van Dam's educational book 'In een land hier ver vandaan...' (Van Holkema & Warendorf, 2008).

Mops and family
He is married to Martine Schaap, who has worked as a publisher for Gottmer, Unieboek and Ploegsma. The pair made a monthly comic strip called 'Mops and Family', starring a brother and sister and their sheepdog Mop, which was largely based on their own family life. It was published in the American children's magazine Ladybug by Cricket Media from December 1995 until December 2007, and then in four booklets with new stories: 'Mop to the Rescue', 'Mop and the Birthday Picnic', 'Mop's Mountain Adventure' and 'Mop's Backyard Concert'.

Alex de Wolf is also active as landscape painter, not only of natural but also of city scenes. One of his works about the Amsterdam harbour was bought by the Amsterdam City Archives. He is also inspired by the 19th century woodcuts from the Japanese Tokaido route by the Japanese artist Hiroshige, which he has recreated from the present-day point-of-view. Therefore his work was not only exhibited in the Amsterdam area, but also in Japan.

Alex de Wolf in Lambiek's Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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