comic art by Tony Wong (1990)
'Tony Wong', 1990. 

Wong Yuk-long, known in English as Tony Wong, made his debut in comics when he was thirteen years old, publishing his work in magazine Epoch Comic Weekly. In 1971, he started his own company, named Yuk-long Picture Book Company. He produced comics like 'Little Vagabond', 'The Son of Ultraman' and 'Solar Lord'. His best known kung fu manga, 'Little Rascals' ('Siu Lau-man, later renamed 'Lung Fu Mun', 'Oriental Heroes'), was created in 1972.

Buddha's Palm, by Wong Yuk-long 1982Drunken Master, by Wong Yuk-long 1982
'Buddha's Palm' (1982) and 'Drunken Master'. 

Wong Yuk-long also started two magazines, Sang Po and Golden Bo Daily, and began to establish himself as the driving force in Hong Kong manga. In the 1980s he founded Jademan Comics, which grew out to virtually monopolize the comic industry. In 1986 this company was even listed on the stock market - but a year later, during the Wall Street crash of October 1987, it folded. Wong Yuk-long lost his company, and was even imprisoned in 1991 for forgery. After his release, he founded Jade Dynasty and began publishing manga again.

comic art by Tony Wong
'Tony Wong', 1990. 

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