From MAD, by George Woodbridge

George Woodbridge attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, together with Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta. He was active in comic book art from the mid-1950s. He did art on war, mystery and western features for Atlas/Marvel and contributed to Gilberton's 'The World Around Us'. Woodbridge was a versatile artist for MAD magazine, and appeared in nearly every issue since the March 1957 issue. Throughout his MAD years, Woodbridge also drew historical illustrations for books and magazines, and additionally did art on 'Masked Ranger' for Story Comics and 'Black Magic' for Feature Comics.

Woodbridge illustrated a classic article by Tom Koch in Mad issue #95 (June 1965), 'Mad Magazine Introduces 43-Man Squamish', which is a text comic spoofing a sport with an absurd amount of players and rules. Over the decades it became one of the most-requested articles in Mad's reprint issues and was even briefly referenced in a scene in Weird Al Yankovic's music video 'White & Nerdy' (2006), when the characters are playing Trivial Pursuit. 

George Woodbridge was a strong influence on Rich Powell. He should not be confused with British actor George Woodbridge (1907-1973). 

The Art of George Woodbridge

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