Sporty by Reg Wootton
'Sporty', by Reg Wootton (1954).

Reg Wootton became a regular artist of the Sunday Express in 1931. He created the famous 'Sporting Sam' strip two years later, published on the back page of the Express. 'Sporting Sam' was a pantomime, like a lot of sporting strips, and the half-pint hero, Sam, never broke his silence during all those gags.

Mug en Mik comic strip, by Reg Wootton
'Mug en Mik', by Reg Wootton.

In 1949, Wootton joined the Knockabout Comic of Amalgamated Press, and later Valiant, for which he created another sports strip, 'Sporty'. A sportsman himself, Wootton drew his character for thirty years. In addition, he created 'Sporty' for Knockout Comic in 1949 and Valiant in 1963, as well as 'Tubby' in Buster in 1968.

Sporting Sam, by Reg Wootton
'Sporting Sam', by Reg Wootton.

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