Ferguson by Alf Woxnerud

Alf Woxnerud is a Swedish author of several humorous comic series, which he mainly signs with Wox. He studied at the Berghs school for Advertising Art in Stockholm and began his career as a lay-out man on Fantomen in 1981. Prior to this, he had drawn the 'Historiska Historier' strip in Svenska Serier in the 1970s. Between 1984 and 1989 he did the layouts for the Swedish MAD magazine. He created the comical series 'Cirkus Spatt' as a guest strip in Dagens Nyheter in 1990 and continued it in the Lilla Fridolf comic book.

His series 'Roine Blom' originated as 'Vicke Virus' but appears as 'Roine Blom' in publications like PC Hemma, Zits and Ernie since 1997. Wox is also an artist for the Swedish MAD and Pyton, the satirical magazine for which he created 'Bert-Börje'. He returned to Fantomen in 1997 with the series 'Stig & Grieg', that ran until 2004. He additionally created 'Ferguson', that started out in Herman Hedning but was continued in 91:an from 2003.

Wox is furthermore the author of the early 1990s 'Elvis' advertising strips about energy conservation for Boykyrka Energi and of Hubba Bubba ad strips.

Cirkus Spatt by Alf Woxnerud
Cirkus Spatt

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