Will to win by Patrick Wright
'Will to Win'.

Patrick Wright is the son of 'Carol Day' creator David Wright. He has drawn for comic books like Battle Picture Weekly, Commando and others during the 1980s and early 1980s. His Battle features inlcuded 'Day of the Eagle'. 'Sea Wolf' and 'Hellman of Hammer Force'. He was also present in 2000 AD with 'Invasion' and 'Tharg's Future Shocks' stories, in Eagle with 'The Collector' and in The Crunch with 'Hitler Lives'. In 1979, he took over the 'Modesty Blaise' series from John Burns. He illustrated the comic for ten months, and then turned it over to Neville Colvin.

Modesty Blaise, by Patrick Wright
'Modesty Blaise'. 

Wright has since then focused on creating single panel cartoons, such as 'Walkies', 'A Tale of Two Mothers-In-Law', 'Affairs of the Heart', 'Worthless Pursuits' and cartoons for Private Eye. He also did the '101 Uses for a John Major' cartoon books in the 1990s.

Cartoon by Patrick Wright
Cartoon by Patrick Wright. 

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