Johnny B., for Eksitkrant (1978).

Robin van der Wulp was a cartoonist for the Eksit Krant, a 1970s underground magazine from the Dutch harbor city Rotterdam.

Life and career
Not much is known about Robin van der Wulp's life and career. During the mid and late 1970s, he made cartoons and comic strips for house organs of Rotterdam's municipal power, water and public transport services. Some of these cartoons - originally created for staff only - were highlighted and presented to a larger audience in the 'Stukgoed' section of the socialist newspaper Het Vrije Volk. In the late 1970s, Van der Wulp was a contributor to Eksit Krant, but after that, no further work by him is known.

Johnny B., for Eksitkrant (1978).

The Eksitkrant was a publication of the Eksit, a former pop venue based in Rotterdam's narrow Eendrachtstraat, that hosted early performances by The Sex Pistols, The Police, U2 and The Jam. In business between 1969 and 1982, the Eksit announced upcoming shows in its own house publication, edited by Ruut Ramseier. Starting as an extended flyer, the Eksit Krant eventually became an irregularly appearing platform for artists, writers and musicians from Rotterdam's alternative art scene. As a result, the copies are nowadays a treasured testament of 1970s underground culture. At the top of its popularity, the paper had a print run of 800-1,000 copies.

In the late 1970s, the Eksit Krant ran the comic strip 'Johnny B. - A Bloody Kid from Rotterdam'. Written by editor Ramseier and drawn by Robin van der Wulp, the comic was a satirical take on Rotterdam's past and present, covering the city's cultural hotspots as well as its ordeal during World War II, when it was heavily bombed. Another contributor to the Eksitkrant was the comic artist Robert van der Kroft, who for instance designed the October 1980 issue.

In 2021, Robin van der Wulp's cartoons came back into the public attention, when the driving forces behind the Cross Comix festival - including Theo Seesing and Robert van der Kroft - began compiling a book about Rotterdam comics and their artists. Research into Van der Wulp's further whereabouts learned that the cartoonist had passed away from cancer many years ago. Other than that, no more information has popped up about this obscure contributor to Dutch comic history.

1976 cartoon for Rotterdam's power service GEB and a 1978 drawing for public transport company RET, reprinted respectively in Het Vrije Volk of 22 December 1976 and 22 December 1978.

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