Representation of the siege of Zaragoza, with Agustina de Aragón firing a cannon. Print by Litografía Hijos de Paluzie.

Fernando Xumetra Ragull, who signed with F. Xumetra, was a 19th-century Spanish illustrator, decorator, painter and comic pioneer.

Artistic career
Little is known about the artist Fernando "Ferran" Xumetra. He was born in Barcelona in either October 1860 or 1865, and also died there around 1920. Working in several artistic disciplines, he made portraits, paintings and drawings of religious scenes and ornamental art. Portraits of regional people in traditional costumes and drawings of local monuments by Xumetra were featured in the book 'España: sus Monumentos y Artes, su Naturaleza e Historia' ("Spain: its monuments and arts, its nature and history", 1886) by José María Quadrado. The artist regularly worked with the Barcelona-based lithographer Esteban Paluzie Cantalozella, drawing background sheets for theatrical sets and military scenes for collectable cut-out series for children. Xumetra is also known for a series of botanical pictures under the title 'Estudios de la Flora Regional Española' ("Studies of Regional Spanish Flora").

Picture story from El Gato Negro (10 September 1898), published over the bottom parts of three pages.

Magazine work
Xumetra was part of the early generation of Spanish caricaturists and cartoonists, working for magazines in the Catalan region. These included the humor magazine El Gato Negro, the artistic and literary journal Pèl & Plomo (1899-1903) and La Hormiga de Oro, a Barcelona magazine of Carlist and Catholic ideology. His work also appeared in the satirical weekly Barcelona Cómica (1889-1900), alongside that of Joan Llaverias, Joaquin Xaudaró and F. Verdugo. He was one of the illustrators featured in Album Salón' (1897-1907), one of Catalonia's first pictorial magazines with high quality reproductions of four-color illustrations, published by printer and engraver Miguel Segui (1858-1923).

Picture of F. Xumetra, printed in Album Salón 1903.

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