Tales from Genji, by Waki Yamato

Waki Yamato is one of the most renown female mangakas in the field. She is one of the forerunners of female mangas, together with the other members of the Gruppo 24. She met the other members of the group, Youko Tadatsu and Yumiko Igarashi, while still in high school. In 1966 Yamato settled in Tokyo, where she made her manga debut with 'Dorobou Tenshi' ('Thief Angel') in Shoujo Friend. Her next series, 'Mon Cherie Coco', was also adapted into a series of 14 animated cartoons, starting in 1972.

Her first big hit was the shoujo (girl's) manga 'Haikarasan ga Tooru' (1975-77), which also was turned into a successful anime series. Besides a sports serial ('Kigen ni sen roppyaku nen no play ball') and a detective manga ('Highheel Cop'), she has focused on (historical) love dramas, such as 'Asaki Yumemishi' ('The Tale of Genji', 1980-93) and 'Yokohama Monogatari' (1981-84). Among her many other serials are 'Hitoribocchi Ruka', 'Mayuko no Nikki', 'Lady Mitsuko', 'Bara Shishaku', 'California Lullaby', 'Aramis', 'Killa' and 'N.Y. Komachi'.

Highheeled Cop, by Waki YamatoHitoriruka, by Waki Yamato

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