comic art by Kenan Yarar
Comic art by Kenan Yarar. 

Kenan Yarar is a Turkish comic artist. He was a pupil of comics grandmaster Oğuz Aral and contributed his first work to RR (Resimli Roman) and Zeplin in 1992. He then contributed to Dıgıl, Avni, Car-Men and Eroskop before becoming a longtime contributor to Hıbır and HBR Maymun. His best known creation is 'Hilal', whose escapades have appeared in L-Manyak and Lombak. These magazines, as well as Penguen, have also carried his short 'Psikoz' stories.

Hilal by Kenen Yarar
'Hilal' (Lombak #2, 2004).

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