Chubb Lock Homes, by Jack Yeats 1897

Jack Yeats, the son of an Irish painter and brother of the famous poet William Butler Yeats, was born in London in 1871. In 1888, he published his first drawing, then shortly afterwards started contributing horse sketches to Paddock Life magazine. In 1892, he created the illustrations for his brother's book 'Irish Fairy Tales'. Yeats began drawing joke cartoons, and created his first regular character, Chubb-Lock Homes.

Chubb Lock Homes, by Jack Yeats 1897

On June 16, 1894, 'Chubb-Lock Homes' made its debut in Comic Cuts. Later, the character was transferred to magazine Funny Wonder. Yeats created several characters for different magazines, and also wrote and drew two children's books. Following 'Chubb-Lock Homes', his production for Funny Wonder included 'Mrs Spiker's Boarding House' (1896), 'Hiram B. Boss' (1897), 'Ephraim Broadbeamer' (1898) and 'Convict 9999' (1899). He also drew for the weekly Big Budget, including 'Signor McCoy the Circus', 'John Duff-Pie', 'Little Boy Pink' and 'Kiroskewero the Detective' between 1897 and 1899.

In the early 20th century he was present in Puck with 'Dr Up-To-Dayte's Academy', 'Sandab the Sailor', 'Dr Patent' and 'The Little Stowawys', and in Jester and Wonder with 'Skilly the Convict', 'Licketty Switch', 'Fandango the Hoss' and 'The Jester Theatre Royal'. He returned to Comic Cuts in 1909 to create 'Roly Poly's Tours', 'The Whodidit' and 'Carlo the Jester'. He created his final comics for Butterfly ('Jimmy Jog the Juggler', 'Eggbert and Philbert' and 'Bill Bailey') before leaving the field in 1917 to continue his career as a writer and painter. He died at the age of 86, in March 1957.

Cottage, by Jack Yeats

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