Kid Cheung

Yuan Bou-wan (袁步雲, also written as Yuen Po-Wan) was a Hong Kong manhua artist and movie actor. He created several notable characters for newspapers, such as 'Kid Cheung' and 'Miss Lau'. Both have also been adapted into movies.

His real name was Yuan Chi-tang, and he began publishing his work in several newspapers from Guangzhou before World War II. The southern Chinese drawing style he picked up there later influenced Hong Kong manhua. One of his earliest creations was 'Kid Cheung' ('細路祥'), through whom the author gave his critical look on the adult world and the unfairness of society. Created before the war, the character was at the top of its popularity in 1950, when a movie adaptation was made starring a nine-year-old Bruce Lee. The comic strips following the hit movie were collected in the book 'Kiddy Cheung Extension' in 1952.

Miss Lau

'Miss Lau' deals with the adventures of a pretty maid and the men who pursue her. This character was also the subject of a movie, which broke box office records when it premiered in 1949. Among Yuan's other notable creations are 'Arrogant Chiu', originally published in Red Green Daily, and 'Wong Chai'. The latter starred a spineless young man who cowers before his wealthy uncle, and gave the artist's satirical look at the gap between Hong Kong's upper and lower classes.

Arrogant Chiu and Wong Chai

Finally, 'Hot-tempered Leung' was originally a pre-war newspaper column by Yan Wu-fa for the Red Green Daily. The 1947 movie adaptation by Yu Leung in turn resulted in a two-volume comic book by Yuan Bou-wan in that same year. Yuan Bou-wan was furthermore an actor in a great many Hong Kong film productions between 1947 and 1995.

Hot-tempered Leung

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