Genetic Grunge, by Zalozabal
'Genetic Grunge' (from Heavy Metal, 2006).

Zalozabal is pen name of Uruguayan comic book artist and writer Zalo Mendizabal. He decided to become a comic artist after discovering the work of Moebius. A self-taught artist, he started out doing illustration work. His comic stories have been published in many languages, as they were serialized in European magazines and the US magazine Heavy Metal. Among his creations are the sci-fi series 'Genetic Grunge', a series he created with Roberto Bayeto in 2000, syndicated by Strip Art Features. Zalozabal wrote wrote and drew 'Slum Nation'' by himself. Both series were published in France by Erko. Zalozabal is also active in the fields of games, illustration and advertising.

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