Dud Dudley, by Zeke Zekley
'Dud Dudley'.

Zeke Zekley was George McManus' longtime assistant on 'Bringing Up Father'. Zekley worked as a cartoonist in Detroit, before he came to Beverly Hills, California. Noticed by McManus' brother, Zekley was taken on as McManus' assistant in 1935. At first, he helped on the inking and the lettering on the strip, Zekley soon became a collaborator, doing pencil work as well as scriptwriting. When McManus died in 1954, it wasn't Zekley who succeeded him, but King Features hired Vernon Greene. Zekley then worked on the 'Dud Dudley' strip in 1955, and the 'Paps Younger' panel in 1961. He presumably also cooperated on the comic book 'First Love'. Later on, Zekley devoted most of his energy to his own company, Sponsored Comics, which produced comic books for commercial and advertising purposes. He produced comics given out at McDonald's and at regional stores, and many other venues. For a time, he handled PS Magazine, the Army's semi-educational book that Will Eisner had done for years.

from First Love, by Zeke Zekley
'First Love'. 

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