A Turma do Pererê, by Ziraldo

Ziraldo Alves Pinto, who signs with his first name, is a versatile Brazilian comic artists. Starting his career in the 1950s in several magazines, he was active as a comic artist, painter, caricaturist and writer. He had his first hit in the 1960s with 'A Turma do Pererê', the first Brazilian comic magazine made by only one artist. During the military dictatorship (1964-1984), he came with the non-conformistic comic character 'O Pasquim', who stole the hearts of many school children and appeared in his own magazine. Among Ziraldo's work for adults 'The Supermãe e Mineirinho' was the most popular.

O Menino Maluquinho, by Ziraldo

Ziraldo came with his first children's book in 1969, called 'FLICTS', which gained worldwide fame. From 1979 he focused mainly on children's books, and his 'O Menino Maluquinho' became one of Brazil's biggest bestsellers of all time.

The Supermãe e Mineirinho, by Ziraldo

O Menino Maluquinho, by Ziraldo

comic art by Ziraldo


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