In memoriam Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud

12 March 2012

Jean Giraud, the artist best known as Moebius, died on Saturday, March 10 in France and leaves behind a rich, singular legacy with his comics, his paintings and his work in film on projects such as "Alien" and 'Tron'.

 Just one week after the loss of "Star Wars'" conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrieand Golden Age comic book artist Sheldon Moldoff, fans were in mourning yet again when the publisher Dargaud announced the death of Jean Giraud, sometimes known by the pseudonym Moebius, had died over the weekend at the age of 73.

Giraud got his start drawing "bandes dessinées" (French comic strips and comic books) in the 1950s. He gained fame in the comics world with his illustrations of the Western character, Blueberry.

In 1975, now working under the name Moebius, he and three collaborators began work on the comics magazine "Heavy Metal," which became so popular that it became a feature film in 1981.

Moebius' dreamlike landscapes caught the attention – not just of the U.S. comic book world – but of Hollywood. His conceptual art informed the looks of the science fiction films "Alien," "Tron," and "The Fifth Element."