Comic legend Joe Kubert (85) passed away

13 August 2012

On August 12, just a few weeks before his 86th birthday, Joe Kubert passed away. Besides Will Eisner and Jack Kirby, Kubert has been one of the pioneers of the American comic book.

In his career, which lasted more than 70 years, Joe Kubert has been writing and drawing for about 55 different comic series. Among them were titles like G.I. Joe, Tarzan, Korak, Tor, Unknown Soldier and his own creation Sgt. Rock. In the autumn of his life, he put his efforts to some graphic novels, like 'Fax for Sarajevo' (Harvey- and Eisner Award), 'Yossl' and 'Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965'. But he kept loyal to the mainstream comic book; Until his last day, he was working, together with his son Andy, on ‘Before Watchmen: Nite Owl'.
Joe Kubert in the Comiclopedia