Documentary on Reid Fleming: The World’s Toughest Milkman.

21 September 2012

Here at Lambiek, Reid Fleming has always been one of our favorite underground heroes and it's good to hear that the very underestimated artist David Boswell is celebrated with a documentary.

 Toronto filmmaker Charlie Tyrell (who is also Boswell’s nephew) has decided to pursue the idea of a documentary on the life and work of David Boswell. The film is currently titled A Lesson to You All and will be a festival-aimed short incorporating the many documents from Boswell’s archive into animated sequences that will illustrate the creative milestones of David’s life. Charlie Tyrell and his producers, LaRue Entertainment, have started a funding campaign on the website IndieGoGo (the Canadian version of Kickstarter) and are already over one-quarter of the way to their ten thousand dollar goal. However, the campaign ends on October 3rd and if the funding goal is not achieved then the production may be halted.

So if you want to see this project happen, go to , see the video and make your donation. More information about this project can be found at
You can also read David Boswell’s bio in our comiclopedia at: