Virtual exhibition Joost Swarte

21 March 2016

Lambiek is proud to present: Lambiek’s virtual expo’s.

We are about to enrich our webshop with lots more original artwork.
The works will be presented one artist at a time and shared with you through facebook and twitter.
We’ll start off with the Dutch artists: Dick Matena, Mark Retera, Hanco Kolk, Willem Vleeschouwer and Michiel Budel to name but a few...

We are proud to start off with Joost Swarte, comic artist, designer and winner of this years Marten Toonder Prize, the most prestigious Dutch comics award.

In 1998 Joost Swarte made these illustrations for the New York Times. Unaware of their existence we where quite surprised to find them inbetween a pile of books a couple of months ago. Together with some other artwork, these beautiful and funny drawings will now form our first Virtual Expo©.

For the time being we will place the virtual expo’s in the news department of our webshop. Until a special page is designed, we think this is the best way to show them. Here the pictures will show up nice and big (click on the picture and then use the arrows to browse). Of course you can also find them in our webshop category ‘original artwork’.
All drawings are for sale but we hope that the expo’s will also be worthwhile for the people less interested in a purchase. Enjoy.

Here you can read the most recent interview with Joost Swarte: