Virtual exhibition Dace Sietina

4 December 2012

Dace Sietina (Jelgava, April 13-1978) is photographer, illustrator and comic artist. She also works under the name of Nolandhead. That artist's name qualifies her emotional location: in No land.

I was born in Latvia in a small town, Jelgava.
I grew up in Kalnciems (Hillvillage), which is really a small place. As a matter of fact, there were no hills at all, but a flat landscape with lots of forest and potato fields. The meeting point for locals, was the Fuel station.

I resided in between a German soldiers graveyard, the river Daugava and a Kolchoz tractor repair shop.

I was always playing outside: collecting different tree leaves, picking up the flowers, searching for little, white stones. One day I found a marble in our apple garden, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was deep blue with some air bubbles inside. At that moment I believed that magic existed.

Once, I got 10 markers, and I used them for more than one year. I refilled them with my mother’s finest lilac perfume. When markers ran out of ink, I used fresh flower petals to draw. I definitely love the fact that I have enough colouring markers now, as well as paper and scissors, glue and pencils

As far as I can remember I was always drawing. I made my own stories and I had a bunch of thick notebooks full with my drawings. Unfortunately I don’t have them anymore.

In 2009 I finished Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam as an illustrator. I let the circumstances lead me in my life. As a result, I am a newcomer now in the world of comics, which I find exciting and inspiring. Often the inspiration comes from my childhood. Or I make a mix: the past with the present.

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