André Franquin exposition (April 1991)

19 April 1991

The Belgian comic artist Andre Franquin was best known for his work in Spirou magazine and his creation of 'Gaston Lagaffe'.

In Galerie Lambiek a variety of works was shown including sketches from 'Spirou and Fantasio', 'Gaston' and his latest creation 'Les Tifous', three merry colored creatures from an animation series which was broadcast on French television.

Besides his traditional comic work Franquin also exhibited a collection of abstract black and white drawings. These spontanuous sketches or droodles were blown up photographically.

The accent of this exhibition was on Franquin's production of the last ten years, this black period in which he made a lot of subconscious sketches for his own fun was in a way very fruitful for him too.

All proceeds from the exposition sales were donated to Unicef.

Among the fellow cartoonists who were there to meet Franquin were Gerrit de Jager, Fred Julsing and Martin Lodewijk.