Max Cabanes exposition (February 1995)

10 February 1995

Galerie Lambiek presented an exposition of the work of Max Cabanes in February 1995, with an overview of the bizarrely satiric "Dans les Villages" up to his most recent nostalgic ponderings.

 Max Cabanes recalls the discovery of physical love in his childhood in 'Little Blind Man' (Casterman, 1989)

Max continues that nostalgia in "Sweet Sixties" (Sherpa, 1993), amidst circles of French rockers in the 60's, filled with scooters, local beauties and rock'n'roll.

The exposition opened on Friday 10 February 1995 to a receptive crowd in Galerie Lambiek.

"Many found his work at the exhibition intriguing, especially the mix between the old and the new, the past and present, reality and fantasy. After the usual drinks, we all left with a new view of the world around us."

Photo and comments by Elizabeth Mattijsen