Hanco Kolk's Casanova (June 1995)

15 June 1995

The exhibition 'Casanova' of cartoonist Hanco Kolk was opened on June 15th, 1995 at Galerie Lambiek.

 The following computer-edited prints were on exhibit:

De Furlana, in which our hero Giacomo Casanova performs a wild Venetian dance to the pasha of Constantinopel:
Venice, which allows us to peep into the underbelly of the city of Dogens;
The Secret Room, which treats the peculiar arrangement of a country house as well as its erotic applications;
A Small Joke with the arm of a deceased;
A House Sold Out during the carnival in Venice, and
The Painting for the King, depicting the final step of mademoiselle O'Murphy to immortality.

Apart from the above mentioned prints, two other series were on display, particularly, a series of female nudes, created with the aid of a computer and Daarom Ontwerpers from Arnhem, and twenty chalk-drawings inspired by the recent edition of Pinkpop.

Be convinced, sir, madam, of our deepest respect and frantic joy if you were able to attend this exhibition.