Kriek in Lambiek (March 1998)

13 March 1998

Galerie Lambiek proudly opened the 1998 season with an exposition of the work of the young Amsterdam graphic artist, Erik Kriek.

Erik Kriek earned himself the most recognition with his comic 'Gutsman', which appeared in magazines Zone 5300 and Incognito, among others. In 'Gutsman', Kriek relates the tragicomic adventures of superhero Gutsman and Tigra, the love of his life. Kriek also features himself in his comics, as Gutsman's close friend with a crush on Tigra. Kriek's solid, wordless style is very characteristic and recognizable.

But Kriek is also brilliant in his freelance graphic work. For example, he paints kitchen appliances, transforming them into arms and ammunition - pop art with a whole new twist.