Pascal Doury exposition (June 1999)

18 June 1999

The Pascal Doury exposition opened on 18 June 1999 and was on display until early September 1999.

On several of Pascal Doury's paintings, hundreds of anonymous faces stare back at the observer. In the hodge-podge of cross-hatched lines that characterize his comix, many viewers have lost themselves. Painter, graphic and comix artist Pascal Doury is not exactly someone who makes it easy on his audience. But those who make the effort to try and look through Doury's pose of maniacal detailing and his abundant citation of images, will discover an imagination running wild. Pascal Doury's artwork rewards the attentive looker with a stunning visual experience.

Just like with his work, Doury's artistic career is hard to summarize in a few words. He made his debut with handmade comix in very small editions, among them the legendary 'Pornographie Catholique'. Then he started collaborating with like-minded artist Bruno Richard. Doury's breakthrough to a larger audience came with the publication of some of his comix in the prestigious international comix anthology RAW ('required reading for the Post-Literate') edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly. In later years Doury said farewell to comix, and, after working as a night guard at the French Libération newspaper, continued his graphic development with versatile and audacious work. In these paintings the artist built on his experiences as a comix artist to probe the limits of the picture plane.

Many of Doury's recent works consist of more than one canvas or support, which put each other in context. Also icons from comix and pop culture, like Spirou, the Teletubbies and haunting versions of the lifeless or ever-smiling Smiley face, featured regularly in his paintings. Pascal Doury continually developed his unique personal visual language. The exposition in Lambiek was certainly a visual adventure that was a delight to see.