Windig & De Jong exposition (September 1999)

17 September 1999

On Friday night, 17 September 1999, Galerie Lambiek opened the exposition 'Proost, Heinz!' ("Here's to you, Heinz!").

A festive overview of the artistic career of the Dutch comix duo René Windig and Eddie de Jong, who for more than a decade have been producing the finest current Dutch newspaper comic, 'Heinz'. The presentation of the twentieth issue of the Heinz comic book, titled 'Proost, Heinz!', was the direct cause for this stylish tribute.

The Windig & De Jong show at Lambiek offered a prime occasion to deepen one's insight into the relentless joy, utter nuttiness and deep humanity of Windig & De Jong's comic cat. The gallery exhibition featured sketches and originals of Heinz, plus free work of the artists. Many originals were on sale: a chance no real Heinz-buff would want to miss. To complete the festive atmosphere, Galerie Lambiek issued a special, colourful silkscreen poster of Heinz, in no less than thirteen print runs. The 'Proost, Heinz!' exposition was in Galerie Lambiek through October 1999.