Eric Schreurs exposition (September-October 2000)

29 September 2000

Fresh Strange Flesh was opened by the artist on Friday night, the 29th of September, and was on show through October 2000.

In the Netherlands, Eric Schreurs is considered world famous for his Joop Klepzeiker comic series, a hilarious portrait of the loser protagonist lost in a world of lust and filth. Less known is that Schreurs is also a fine painter with a very distinctive style. Last year, Schreurs had a big exhibition in De Lakenhal, the municipal museum of his home town Leiden (of Rembrandt fame). The exhibition was titled 'Strange Flesh' and showed the human condition in particular physical terms. Strange Flesh met with huge success and was followed by 'Fresh Strange Flesh' in Galerie Lambiek. Part of the Leiden expo was on show here, with many recent Schreurs paintings added.

In Fresh Strange Flesh, Schreurs paints a hallucinatory portrait of his over-fed contemporaries. When he shows their flesh -- swabbing, pockmarked and lined -- walking the city streets, the memory of George Grosz's classic big city images is never far away. Beneath every clean collar the grey shows and every legging is sticky with sweat. Besides these penetrating city portraits, Schreurs shows with remarkable pleasure semi-abstract pieces of flesh, way beyond recognition as human figures. All in all, Fresh Strange Flesh shows an unforgettable image of the hyped corporeal culture of contemporary 'forever young' humanity.