Marc Bell - Modurn Mithoes (April 2010)

2 April 2010

The absurdist art and comics of Marc Bell are rooted in the classic American newspaper comics and the work of the underground generation of the sixties.

His bizarre typography and page lay-out make Bell's work unique and original. His sometimes dazzling drawings suck you in and keep on surprising you. Next to the comics he drew and often self-published for more than a decade, he has also made cardboard constructs that he refers to as 'Fine Ahtwerks'.

Marc Bell has become so famous that he can hardly be called an underground artist any longer. In the last few years, Bell's work has reached much larger audiences. His art has found its way into mainstream media, like the avant-garde Kramers Ergot and Ganzfeld. His exhibitions in the Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York got rave reviews in Time Magazine and The New York Times. It is a rare privilege for the Netherlands that the original art of such a prestigious artist is on display.

This exhibition is recognized and supported by the Fonds BKVB - the Dutch Fund for Visual Arts, Design & Architecture. Selected original artwork from Bell's latest book 'Hot Potatoe' was displayed in Galerie Lambiek from 2 April until 15 May 2010.