Serge Baeken Exposition (April 2011)

15 April 2011

Serge Baeken (b. 1967) is a Belgian multi-talent artist who has successfully applied himself to various artistic fields, such as painting, sculpting, music, illustration and comics.

He worked for many newspapers and magazines, most notably NRC and Knack, for which he traveled to China making graphic reports. He made his comic debut with publisher Bries in 2005 with 'The No Stories'. Collections of his work appeared with Dutch publisher Xtra: 'Prefab: 4444 Schetsen: Bird t/m Zoo' and 'Shuffle'.

Galerie Lambiek and publishing house Xtra hosted the presentation of his newest book '50/50' at the festive opening of an exposition of Baekens' artwork, which began on Friday, 15 April 2011 at 5:00, and continued into the evening with body painting and other fun antics for the enthusiastic crowd.