Erik Wielaert exposition (September 2011)

1 September 2011

Galerie Lambiek was proud to host the exposition of the beautiful work of Erik Wielaert, which started with a gala opening on Thursday, 1 September 2011.

Erik Wielaert has been a published comic artist since 1988, when his work started appearing in small-press publications such as Incognito and comics magazine Zone 5300. In 2006 a collection of his short stories was published by Sherpa with the title 'Nacht en Ontij'.

Erik Wielaert is one of the driving forces behind comics magazine Gr'nn, which has been around for 15 years this year. Together with Willy Linthout, Wielaert produced the trilogy 'Het Laatste Station'.

Wielaert's comic art evokes magical worlds, and full of mythical creatures that can be cuddly and eerie at the same time. His mastery of the pen rivals his fine sense of color, making Wielaert's worlds accessible and evocative, strangely familiar and yet sometimes hauntingly alien.

The exposition consisted of illustrative work, original comic pages, sketches and signed prints. Erik Wielaert was of course present to raise a glass and sign his books and present some original artwork.