Peter Pontiac passed away at the age of 63

21 January 2015

On January 20th 2015, the Dutch underground comic legend Peter Pontiac died at the age of 63. Peter was a dear friend and house-artist of comicshop Lambiek.

Peter was a self-taught artist and started his career in the mid-70s. He was influenced by the underground movement, in particular by Robert Crumb. Just like Crumb, Peter used his own life as the main inspiration for his comic stories. Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll were his main subjects. He also made the graphic novel ‘Kraut’ about his father, who collaborated with the Germans and was an SS war journalist during World War II.

Peter Pontiac was amongst lots of other things, the conscience of the Dutch comic world. His social critical comics and illustrations were always subtle and sophisticated and never cynical, just like the man himself. Peter was the most kind-hearted person we’ve ever met. Our condolences to Ippie, Godelinde, Kajo, Kiwa and Tarwa. We wish you all lots of strength. We will miss him very much. – Klaas & Boris - Lambiek.

Here you can find more information about Peter Pontiac.

Photo: Gert Jan Pos.