Sam Peeters in Lambiek

12 May 2017

Sam Peeters will be signing his new book "Iedereen op Claudia" in the store on Saturday the 12th of may.

Claudia is the most beautiful girl in the school. Sexy, smart, sweet, funny. And out of everybody’s league. From the moment he sees her, the protagonist of Get Claudia is madly in love with her. She gets under his skin, nestles in his eyes, his ears, his brain, his heart, his groin. But though their love seems meant to be, circumstances keep them from being together. Time and time again their paths cross. And with every encounter, his love for her becomes more like an obsession.

Sam Peeters is part of the comics collective Lamelos. Coming from the Kampen art academy he has been working with Aleks Deurloo, his brother Boris and Jeroen Funke on a collective oeuvre since 1997. Their most famous collective creation is 'Kaasheld en Poephoofd', which has appeared in self-published comic books, as well as the magazines Zone 5300 and MYX. Outside of Lamelos, Sam has published work in Vrij Nederland, Jippo and Van Speijk. In 2010 he published his silent solo comic 'In de Schaduw van mijn Lul' with Oog & Blik. His graphic novel 'Fucking Hell' was published in 2016. Peeters is also experimenting with other art forms, such as silkscreens, paintings, film and performing arts. He is on the board of the Dutch Comics Museum in Groningen, and he is a teacher with the Minerva Academy in Groningen (illustration) and Artez Zwolle (comic design).