Presentation Chad in Amsterdam 3

5 July 2019

The newest Chad in Amsterdam is ready for the broader public, Dutch, American and everyone else! And Chad will be here in Lambiek on the 5th of July from 5 pm to present it to that public.

Once again, he's collected a ragtag team of brilliant artists to translate his musings into picture-form: Will Robson, Gary Dumm, Bernie Mireault, Lorenzo Milito and Eric Why illustrate his stories about Hollandse Nieuwe, talking to yourself in public, and clubbing in Amsterdam. When asked about himself he had this to say:
"My accomplishments don't define me. That's just some stuff I did due to circumstance. My name is Chad Bilyeu. Of all of the tangential creations I manifest, I believe that I am primarily an observer of life. Secondly, I enjoy giving my account of what had happened. That's the gist.
I graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in American Studies — with a concentration in history and politics. After attempting to live the life of a square, I equalized and found that my passion lie in photography, writing, and music. Most of what I do is related to these forms of expression.
Currently, I am living in Amsterdam. My astrological sign is that of a cancer. When I'm not engaged in writing or photography, I like to eat sichuan cuisine and read whatever can be read."