Presentation KUTLUL 9 1/2

4 October 2019

The new KUTLUL is coming out this week! From 5 PM on Friday 4th of October, we'll be celebrating this very fact. So come on by to get a copy and talk to the people who created this filth!

With a lot of pride we will present the new love baby born out of an orgy with the following great artists:

Karla Paloma, Crippa Almqvist, Fufu Frauenwahl, Mykle Hansen, Ewan Cameron, Vanita Monk, Peter Vianen, Al Burian, Lukas Weidinger, Wommel, Martien Bos, Mat Pogo, Tessa Biemans, Trazo Podrino, Vera Bekema, Daniele Murtas, Marcel Ruijters, Vincent Zurwesten, Argibald, Andy Leuenberger, Marc Kolle, Oleg Orsolya and Dirk verschure & Joost Halbertsma

Come by! Drink a beer! Read some funny books!!