Signing session Pier Dola

27 October 2023

Friday the 27th of October Pier Dola will be signing his newest work, Pánico, at Lambiek. From 5 o'clock anyone is welcome to meet this master of comix and even get a free caricature with their book!

Since his published debut late 2021, Pier Dola has been one of our favorite underground artists out there. His comics show a distorted and disturbing version of our world that is both fascinating and enlightening. His earlier works were both published by Fantagraphics Underground:

'From Granada to Cordoba' is a scatological odyssey of the dying main character, as he wanders the streets leaving a fecal trail as he goes. At times painfully depressive, and at times darkly humoristic, always interesting. It explores themes of sex, death, modern culture and politics.

'Corona Bible' is his seminal work on the COVID-19 pandemic. 30 years from now, when you try to explain the pandemic, this is the book you should be using. From conspiracies to fascist cops and from empty shops to masturbation in isolation.

His newest work is published by Spanish publishing house Unbrained Comics, but don't worry, what little text there is also has a translation. It's a bloodsoaked exploration of life, evolution and authority. It might be his most surreal book yet, and the first time one of his books could be genuinely described as horror.