Wetter Louder Stickier

volume: 31
publisher: Andrews McMeel
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 216:
genres: humourkids

Child-rearing reaches an entirely new level of delightfully messy chaos in Baby Blues: Wetter, Louder, Stickier. Battle-ready and perpetually exhausted, Daryl and Wanda team up to navigate a new front of challenges, like Zoe's enthusiasm over the "Smoochy Boyz" concert, deciphering baby Wren's attempts at language, and determining Hammie's place as a colon in the school play (whether "colon" refers to punctuation or digestion remains undetermined). Armed with "performance-enhancing substances" (a.k.a., chocolate donuts), the perfectly normal MacPherson family will surely bring a barrage of smiles and laughter to familiar fans with their perfectly chaotic lives.

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