A1 Book 5

volume: 5
publisher: Atomeka
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
used condition: very good
pages: 102:

Cover Story, Neil Gaiman and Kelly Jones
Bricktop: "Sunglasses", Chris Smith and Glenn Fabry
In the Penal Colony, Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins (adapted from Franz Kafka)
The Contact, Brett Ewins and Shaky Kane
Tor: "Food Chain", Joe Kubert
Jeff Hawke: "The Devil at Rennes-le-Chateau", Sydney Jordan, Trevor Goring and Thayed Rich
Knuckles the Malevolent Nun, Cornelius Stone and Roger Langridge
Bic: "Party Piece", Ed Hillyer
Reasons, Jeff Jones
The Boy Who Defied Gravity, Nick Abadzis
Take One Capsule Every Million Years, Bruce Jones, Jim Sullivan, and William Stout
Elvistein: "Yin and Yankee", Bambos Georgiu
The Proxy, Ramsey Campbell and David Lloyd
Trypto the Acid-Dog: "Pet Sounds", Miguel Ferrer, Bill Mumy, Steve Leialoha
Kathleen's House, Steve Dillon 

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