series: Adrian Tomine
publisher: Faber&Faber
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 112:

In his longest narrative to date, Adrian Tomine tells the story of Ben and Miko, and their relationship problems as Miko moves temporarily to live and study in New York. Left behind in Berkeley, Ben, a confused, obsessive, thirty-year-old theatre manager, finds himself desperately trying to answer the big question. But aided only by his promiscuous friend Alice, and spending increasing time with his new employee Autumn, things only seem to get more confusing. Does he know what he wants? Is he everything Miko accuses him of? Should he follow her to New York?

A painful and witty look at the realities of contemporary life, Shortcomings brilliantly explores ideas of heritage, sexuality, identity and ambition - or the lack of it. Beautifully rendered, it introduces to a British audience one of the most powerfully clear and urgent voices of today.

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