Airboy - G8

series: Airboy
publisher: Moonstone
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 74:

A Return of the Originals event! Two high-flying legends meet for the very first time in an all out adventure by action-master Chuck Dixon! Airboy: Young impulsive WW2 flying ace Davey Nelson, and his perhaps-sentient plane Birdy, seek justice in the skies in their own unique gung-ho style! G-8: Secret Agent WW1 fighter pilot who is often called upon in the most dire of circumstances, and he is more than happy to do the grim work that needs to be done. When the Nazis start scaring up actual monsters to throw against the Allies, it's up to these two pilots to work together and keep the world safe from horrors unimaginable! Plus, an illustrated prose story by Chuck Dixon that teams up Airboy with Domino Lady!

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