Barry windsor smith: opus v2

volume: 2
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 224: Hard Cover

With his previous book, BWS: OPUS Vol. 1 (when released, Fantagraphics' all-time quickest selling book), Barry Windsor-Smith joined the ranks of the experiencers and researchers at the new frontiers of consciousness and the revolutionary crossroads of reality. After astonishing encounters with precognition and time loops the artist found himself on a transcendental journey into another dimension of time and space. Now, in the second volume of the OPUS series, Windsor-Smith continues his autobiography called "Time Rise." Following his bizarre interdimensional journey, the young superstar of Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian fame discovers that he has acquired advanced psychic abilities! This is the true story of the artist's struggles to deal with the transcendental, yet maddening, effects of meta-consciousness. In addition to Windsor-Smith's groundbreaking text, OPUS is, of course, also a deluxe art collection, featuring the renowned artist's never-before-published paintings and drawings, as well as gorgeous, evocative artworks culled from over thirty years of comics art, comic strips, illustration, and sketchbooks.

Barry Windsor-Smith - 2008 Eisner Award Hall of Fame Inductee

"Neither art book nor autobiography nor graphic novel, but an unsettling combination of all three." – Rain Taxi Literary Review

"I have trouble believing that anyone who reads Opus with an open mind won't be somewhat changed by the experience, both in their appreciation of the author and artist and in their contemplation and understanding of themselves [...] Opus 1 is a divine work. – Comic Book Galaxy

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