Blab v18

series: Blab
volume: 18
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 120:

Blab! Vol. 18 delivers like nobody's business, with a decided focus on the comic arts. Underneath the covers by Ryan Heshka are a slew of all-new comic stories: Mark Zingarelli reveals the "Chick's Club Taboo"; Euro-comics sensation Paco Alcazar tells a Lynchian superhero tale called "Obedience"; Peter Kuper dishes on the bullies that dogged him as a youth in "Bully for You!"; "Sirens of Silence" is cover artist Heshka's wordless depiction of a post-global disaster existence; Sue Coe presents the true tale of Coney Island's "Topsy the Elephant"; underground legend Skip Williamson serves up "Daddy Was a Lady," a portrait of legendary drag queen Rae Burton; Steven Guarnaccia returns with the story behind the man who created Miniature Golf in "Moe Greene's Hole in One"; Kramer's Ergot phenoms Xavier and Helge prove once and for all that atheists are a product of cloned humans; Mark Frauenfelder of fame contributes the comic strip "Juicemaker's Dream." This volume introduces amazing new talent to the pages of BLAB!: Travis Louie, Nora Krug, Travis Lampe, Mark Zingarelli, Richard Bears, and Randall Enos. Plus BLAB! regulars Baseman, Biskup, Shag, and many more!

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