Zazarof's Revenge

artist: Roy Crane
series: Buz Sawyer
volume: 4
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
size: 238x238x25mm
pages: 328: Hard Cover

Frontier Oil, believing that the mysterious Mr. Zazarof is behind the sabotage of their oil wells, sends Buz Sawyer, their top troubleshooter, to Switzerland to investigate. Zazarof, it turns out, is all smiles and he invites Buz to go mountain climbing. What could possibly go wrong at the hands of a sinister saboteur on the icy slopes of the Alps? Buz Sawyer Book 4 picks up where Book 3 left off and continues Crane’s classic strip through the end of the 1940s and takes us into the 1950s — ten complete stories. And all of it is brought vividly and gorgeously to life through Roy Crane’s clever writing and stunning storytelling, a rollicking series of adventures filled with knockout women, brutal assassins, and extremely precarious situations. Also: Roy Crane’s acceptance speech for the Banshee Silver Lady Award; letters of congratulation from Walt Disney, J. Edgar Hoover, and Richard Nixon; and rare illustrations of Crane’s own trip to Europe in 1922. 

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