Clyde Fans; Book One

artist: Seth
series: Clyde Fans
volume: 1
publisher: Drawn&Quarterly
language: English
Hard Cover

Clyde Fans promises to be one of the major graphic novel achievements of recent years. Seth is fast becoming one of the most recognized talents in the field since Chris Ware. Book One of this trilogy focuses on the lives of two brothers and their fan manufacturing company. After one more disastrous attempt at selling, Simon returns to the office defeated and unsure of what he�ll do next. Even after studying manuals on the art of selling, he still can�t seem to clinch that final deal. In the eyes of his brother Abraham, he is a failure. Here, Seth brilliantly explores the complex and fascinating relationship of the two brothers behind Clyde Fans.

Palooka-Ville #10-15 collected in one beautiful hardcover volume

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