Comic Shop

The retail mavericks who gave us a new geek culture

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series: Comic Shop
publisher: Ohio University
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 224: Hard Cover

Comic book shops came into their own in the 1970s, a new breed of small businesses that transformed the way comics are marketed and sold. The shops created a space for quirky ideas to gain an audience, and helped some small-press comics turn into media giants. Gearino, a business journalist, leads a tour through this world, going back to the dawn of the modern comic shop, and also looking at the present-day market. Along the way, he captures the voices of creators, store owners, and players from around the U.S. and Canada including Steve Geppi, Paul Levitz, Diana Schutz, Chuck Rozanski, Bud Plant, and many more.

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