R. Crumb

artist: Milo George
volume: 3
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 120:

Collecting four long out-of-print interviews from The Comics Journal's archive in an oversized, artbook format, this third volume in the TCJ Library series provides an absorbing oral history of comics in the latter half of the 20th century, from the point of view of an artist who single-handedly shaped it to a great extent. These are the finest, longest and most comprehensive interviews ever conducted with Robert Crumb — if you thought the Crumb documentary was intimate, then this collection will surely impress. Heavily illustrated, complete with a color gallery.

"R. Crumb is an original. He's a great cartoonist, and that, in my book, deserves great respect. Our 'contemporary civilization' is lucky to have him and to have his work." – Jim Jarmusch

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