volume: 6
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 344: Hard Cover

Launching into the 1960s, Schulz adds another new cast member. Two, in fact: The obnoxious Frieda, of "naturally curly hair" fame, and her inert, seemingly boneless cat Faron. The rapidly maturing Sally, who was after all just born in the previous volume, is ready to start kindergarten and not at all happy about it. Linus' life is particularly turbulent in this volume, as he is forced to wear glasses, sees the unexpected return of his favorite teacher, Miss Othmar, and coaxes Sally into the cult of the Great Pumpkin (with regrettable results). Snoopy, meanwhile, becomes a compulsive water sprinkler head stander, unhappily befriends a snowman or two, and endures a family crisis involving a little family of birds. Plus baseball blowouts (including a rare team victory), Beethoven birthdays, and plenty of dubious psychiatric help for a nickel. This book collects 730 daily and Sunday comic strips, the vast majority of which are not currently available in any in-print Peanuts collection, and many of which have never been reprinted since their initial appearance in papers over 50 years ago. With a new introduction by legendary jazz pianist/vocalist Diana Krall and gorgeous design by award-winning cartoonist Seth.

2007 Eisner Award WINNER: Best Archival Collection/Project - Strips

2007 Harvey Award WINNER: Best Domestic Reprint Project

"The Complete Peanuts has framed Charles Schulz’s enduring masterpiece about as well any lifelong fan could’ve hoped." – "The Best Comics of the '00s: The Archives", The A.V. Club

"By this point in the strip's history, Schulz has figured out who Charlie Brown is — which probably entailed Schulz finding out who Charles Schulz was — and recognized that the complicated interplay between sadness and companionship was his great theme." – The Austin American-Statesman

"This early 1960s volume of Fantagraphics' godsend ongoing series of complete Peanuts reprints is a great place to leap in. It has many of the strip's classic engines purring at optimal efficiency and effect... it doesn't get much better than... early '60s Peanuts." – Reason

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