Doofus omnibus

publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
size: 178x254mm
pages: 120:

A slap-happy goon with a predilection for women's "stinkies" snatched from the laundry basket, Doofus is the most dismaying comic-book hero you'll ever find. The meticulous zip-a-toned artwork, reminiscent of 1950s EC sci-fi comics, just makes it worse. Altergott is a longtime cult favorite amongst such cultural luminaries as Dan Clowes (who provides the introduction to this book), R. Crumb, Terry Zwigoff, Simpsons executive producer George Meyer and others. This 112-page softcover reprints nearly every Doofus story ever created, including comics and newspaper strips — complete with 24 pages in full color! Hilariously offensive.

"Rick Altergott is the unsung genius of American comedy. Doofus is an amazingly well-crafted conflation of queasy psychology, sub-moronic toilet humor and fine art." – Daniel Clowes

"All hail Doofus! The greatest comic out there... I want to direct the film version." – Terry Zwigoff

"I have nothing but the highest praise and admiration for all of Altergott's work." – R. Crumb

"Better witnessed than explained, Doofus is a fantastic compendium of American marginalia and degradation. – Publishers Weekly

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