Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin 1-3

series: Elseworlds
publisher: Dc
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
used condition: good
pages: 32:

Barbara Gordon is a rebellious young woman in the early 1960s. Alienated from her father, Commissioner Gordon, due to the unsolved murder of her mother, she becomes a thrill-seeking vigilante with her boyfriend, a circus acrobat named Richard Graustark, who goes by the alias Dick Grayson. Gordon is a wealthy heiress, receiving a large inheritance from the death of her mother and purchases Wayne Manor — the Waynes having been ruined by the Great Depression. Bruce Wayne is a full-time detective in the Gotham police. This version of Barbara has romantic feelings for Bruce Wayne. According to Hilary Goldstein of IGN, Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin "is an original and refreshing look at Batman mythology. It's a slow burn, a deep and engrossing read that's chocked with dark psychological mischief." A sequel, Batgirl + Batman: Thrillkiller '62, teams Batgirl with Bruce Wayne as Batman and Barbara giving up the Batgirl mantel in exchange for that of Robin, so as to honor Dick's passing. Goldstein and IGN also lists Batman: Thrillkiller as one of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels of all time. 

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